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Thursday, September 18, 2008



It's been a good house indeed! Thanks for always opening your doors to us. I think our first time at homegroup was at 2809 Hollywood.


Of course, I am crying reading this post. Great post. Great memories. Our first homegroup was at 2809 Hollywood. And you are right, the traditions will (and already have started to) continue on Shadycreek. But there is something about that first place to call "home". Makes me a bit more thankful for Easy Street today.


I can still remember the first time I walked into that house. It was the first time we were all going to hang out together in Ft. Worth at the 4 Day Weekend. I remember walking into your house and thinking "I think these people might end up being our friends". Your family and your house have been a huge blessing to Ryan, Owen and me. Thanks for all of the great times at 2809 Hollywood. And just as you did at 2809 Hollywood, I look forward to seeing how your family wil use this new house on Shadycreek to continue to bless others.


thanks for making me cry in the middle of class.


I too remember those first home groups, hanging ceiling fans, babyproofing and bringing the kids home. Your house will always hold sweet memories for us also. I can hardly wait to see what memories you create in your new home!!! Jacob was right "It's been a good house" and I have a feeling the Shadycreek house will be a "Good house" too! You guys create great memories!


good stories. hope to see your new place soon!

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