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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


the wife

I'm maybe a little more sympathetic to Madonna and her adoption. She claims to not have done anything illegal and to have been working on the adoption for months. The Malawian court allowed the adoption (and shouldn't they determine what is legal and acceptable for their country, not the western media?) Maybe she received special attention because of her fame and wealth, but that attention has certainly been both negative and positive. If it were you and I, for instance, who had done the same thing, I doubt anyone would be contesting or questioning it to such a degree.

As to her motivations, who can tell? But I certainly see how anyone could visit such a place, look into the faces of hungry, lonely, dying children; and be moved to bring one (or more) home. So if you ever take me to such a place, we might as well already have the paperwork completed and the I-171 in hand.

the wife again

And as to the whole argument of "how dare you take a child out of its birth culture.":

When every mother and father on this planet have the resources to feed, clothe, and shelter their biological children and to provide them with the medical care they need and deserve; when mothers and fathers are no longer killed by famine, disease and war; and when children are no longer abandoned by or forcefully removed from parents who just don't give a shit......then we can have a discussion about the benefits of keeping children in their "culture." The rights of children (and adults for that matter) to food, medicine, shelter, safety, and family trump the luxury of remaining in their birthplace or family.

And honestly when an American or Westerner adopts a child from another country, they are not making that child an American, but are making their family an international family. We did not make Jacob and Stella Americans, we made all four of us Russian-Americans.

I don't have strong feelings on this, do I?


In fairness, Madonna has now released a statement that she had begun the adoption process long before the news hit the media and was complying with Malawi law. While I understood Malawi law to require 18 months in country, perhaps it is just 18 months and the court may decide if that can be abroad -- that I don't know. In any event, I agree with those saying celebrity adoption has the potential to cause people to think international adoption is quick and easy. It isn't. More on that in a future post about our wait and the wait of friends.

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