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Friday, April 06, 2007


the wife

At the risk of ruining such an eloquent post, I must say that sometimes I forget how much that moment, well....sucked. I remember being reunited with Stella and how quickly she "clung" to me, how I felt like she remembered me, how she literally slept ON TOP of me all night in the hotel and would cry if I tried to move her. And most of all I remember that morning when we were leaving to go to court, and Larissa (her caretaker from the baby house) came to "babysit" her in our room and how Stella screamed and reached for me as I walked out of the room. I kept thinking: "She has no idea I'm coming back in a few hours." So, when the judge announced that we would have to leave her for another 10 days, that's all I could think: we're leaving her again, and she has no idea we're coming back. In the words of Jack Johnson, it was the "worst hour of my day" (life?). I was so grateful that she didn't scream when we got on the train to leave that night. And I was so grateful that Dr. Valentino kept reassuring me that she would get "very special treatment" until we returned and reminding me that she was still our daughter--no matter the wait. I also remember that there's no way I could have survived that without our friends in Russia: Vera, Vika, Yuri, Elena, Valentino, Larissa and all the rest. Remember them dancing on the train platform as we left and all the toasts at the restaraunt?--anything to do to cheer us up and let us know all was well. Nor could we have survived without everyone waiting for us at home, just as sad and shocked as us and all of us waiting, just waiting, for reunion and restoration and for our family to be complete.


Oh, I definitely remember ALL the toasts. A celebration and a sadness. Vodka and cognac are suitable for both!

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