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Friday, February 02, 2007


Tom Davis

Really great thoughts on this Darren. It's easier to picture the concept, harder to figure out how it works in everyday life. This is a good start. We all just need to find something we can do - even one thing.

Wes Roberts

...I like Tom's response of "even one thing." We can all do one thing more. Thank you for your post.


Hey Darren...thanks for the encouraging yet challenging words. Sometimes things look far too overwhelming, but we must rememeber we can do somethings, the "what" is always the question. Though God expects us to diligently seek Him and figure out the "what" and actually do it. So though our hearts may be burdened and sorrowful of the pain and suffering we see all around us, we do not lose heart because it is Christ who came to make all things new, to restore the brokenhearted, to give hope and life where there is none, to be a Father to the fatherless and Husband to the widow...yet we are called to be the ambassadors for Christ, it is who we are. So let us be whole hearted in it and never lose heart....God said to Jeremiah "I am the Lord of all flesh, is there anything too difficult for Me?" There is always something we can do...it's good to have brothers and sisters in Christ...such as you...that have a heart that is like mine...that believe that we can do something, not matter how small it is.

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